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Berino Uniform Policy

Berino Uniform Policy

General Guidelines

The way a student dresses is a reflection on himself/herself.  Student clothing should be neat, clean, properly sized and appropriate for school throughout the day.  Proper grooming requires cleanliness and good taste.  Please remember that Berino Elementary will adhere to GISD dress code.

Specific Guidelines

  • School colors of Black, Purple, and White should be worn each day.

Skirts, Jumpers, and Shorts

  • Skirts, jumpers, or shorts must be at least fingertip length when the arm is outstretched at the side.


  • Polo shirts in school colors and spirit T-shirts may be worn. Shirts should be tucked in.


  • Khaki, or blue denim
    • Sweatpants
    • Can be worn from December to the 1st day of March
    • Solid black fleece warm-ups are allowed


  • Tennis shoes, regular hard soled footwear, or sandals with a heel strap.

Berino Uniform Policy (Continued)

Items Not Allowed

  • Platform shoes that raise the foot more than one inch from the bottom of the shoe may not be worn.
  • Skinny jeans, torn pants, and low-rise pants are not allowed.
  • No logos.
  • Knee length shorts may not be worn with long socks pulled up to the knee.
  • Sagging pants or pants that are more than one size larger than the student’s waist and or inseam are not allowed.
  • Pants are to be no longer than heels and may have cuffs but may not be rolled up, cut and/or pinned.
  • Pants should not be torn or have holes in them.
  • No nylon mesh, breakaway pants, overalls, shorts or windbreaker pants.
  • Belt cannot hang from the buckle.
  • No markings or logos are allowed on the belt or buckle.
  • Belt size must conform to waist measurement.
  • Nose, tongue, or lip piercings.
  • No flip flops.


Any student wearing inappropriate clothing, as determined by administration, will receive one of the following consequences:

  • Wear appropriate clothing provided by the office, if available.
  • Have appropriate clothing brought to the school.
  • Contact parent or guardian about guidelines.